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It's the assurance of working with a wood packaging professional who's attentive, responsive and efficient.


Our primary business at Palettes Services is buying and selling new and used pallets to professionals.

We also market a wide range of wooden packaging products to facilitate logistics for professionals.

Our equipment enables us to deliver your goods quickly.

If you'd like to free up storage space and sell your wooden pallets, handling pallets, collars or other wood packaging, please contact us . We can remove your wooden pallets, wooden crates and other wooden packaging products.


Our production site in Naves (59), near Cambrai in the Hauts-de-France region, has its own production line. Our large stock of skids and blocks enables us to manufacture wooden pallets ranging from standard formats to customized wooden pallets.

A specific number of entries? More or less heavy products for export?
You're sure to find from Palettes Services the right pallet for your business.

Treatment and drying

When you buy a wooden pallet or other wood packaging from Palettes Services, you have the option of having it treated to ISPM 15 (International Standard for Phytosanitary Measurements 15). Palettes Services is accredited to do this, so we can also treat wood packaging that has not been purchased locally.

This treatment consists of introducing the pallets into an oven to bring them to a temperature of over 50°C. Oven treatment avoids the use of toxic products such as methyl bromide, which has been banned in the European Union since March 2010.

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To protect the environment, we recover used pallets so that our sorters and repairers can restore them for re-use.

We never consider a pallet to be broken. When it is possible to renovate a wooden pallet, the defective parts are replaced in our Naves warehouse. Otherwise, the pallet is disassembled and the waste wood recycled.

By repairing used pallets, we can offer recycled pallets that are as robust as ever for handling, logistics, goods transport and even furniture manufacture.

Pick-up and delivery

Our efficient facilities enable us to collect pallets quickly and conveniently. Thanks to our fleet of trays and trucks, we can ensure smooth pallet collection, meeting the needs and demands of our customers. This logistical flexibility enables us to guarantee optimum rotation between the stock of used pallets and the stock of new pallets. 

What's more, our team is able to provide fast, reliable service, ensuring smooth, efficient pallet distribution according to our customers' specific needs.


Buy your pallets and accessories with the best possible support. Our experts will help you choose the right product for your needs.

Competitive prices

We offer high-quality products at competitive prices, giving you excellent value for money.


Our stocks enable us to deliver as quickly as possible.

Certified quality

The products you buy from Palettes Services are all of the highest quality and standard. Palettes Services is approved for ISPM 15 treatment.

Quality packaging at low prices

Wooden and plastic pallets

Would you like to buy wooden pallets? Pallet Europe (EPAL) ? treated to ISPM 15 standard ? 1200x800 format ? plastic pallets ? We've got what you need right here ↓

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Are you a pallet or packaging professional? Are you looking for accessories to optimize your packaging? Are you looking for solid, long-lasting sabre saw blades? We have everything you need at Palettes Services.

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